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Bring Joy, Warmth, Love, and Fun to Your Life

Are you thinking of adding a pet dog or cat to your family? Give a homeless pet a second chance to live happily again. Adopt a pet and see the positive change it will bring to your life.
Let our experienced, caring, and friendly team help you adopt your perfect new family member. Dix Hills Animal Hospital has been in business for more than 50 years. Visit us today to learn more about pet adoption.
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Pets for Adoption

Meet Benny, a 2 to 3-year old energetic, fun, and loving Cocker Spaniel. Benny was found on Deer Park Avenue this past summer of 2016. He has been with us here at Dix Hills Animal Hospital for almost a year! When he was found he was thin, with matted fur and Heartworm positive. After some TLC and Heartworm treatment this guy is ready to find a best friend to call his very own. Benny would do best in a home without small children or other pets. If you think you could be Benny's new best friend, please feel free to message or contact Dix Hills Animal Hospital for more information.

Why Should You Adopt a Pet?

  • Save a life
  • Save money
  • Feel better emotionally, physically, and psychologically
  • Get unconditional love
  • Improve your overall happiness and health

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Quality Boarding and Grooming

We offer boarding for both dogs and cats. We have spacious cages for cats and small dogs, and more roomy “runs” for large breed dogs. The dogs are taken for a walk 2-3X/day, and are fed twice daily (unless otherwise specified by the owner). We board animals with medical needs, i.e., diabetes, kidney disease, and animals that need daily medication. Your pets are kept in a clean, ambient environment.

We encourage clients to bring their pet’s food so they don’t get gastrointestinal upset from a change in diet. If not, we feed good quality food. Your pet will be provided with a comfy blanket to lay on, and any “safe” toys (ones that can’t be choked on).
We require “core” vaccines for boarding animals. Dogs need DA2PP (“Distemper or Parvo”), Rabies and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). Cats need FVRCP and Rabies.
We offer general bathing as well as medical baths and dips (if needed). We do have a groomer who will groom difficult animals, which need sedation in order to be groomed. We require a brief physical exam within one month of sedation, to assure your pet’s safety. Additionally, we also do “lion cuts” for long haired cats.

We need to sedate most cats in order to position them to clip difficult places, such as under the arm and their belly. If you need a groomer, there are several in the area, and we can make a recommendation for you. Contact Dix Hills Animal Hospital now!
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