Senior Wellness and Preventative Care

Compassionate Senior Wellness and Preventative Care

Keep Your Pets Fit and Healthy as They Age

Senior pets undergo changes in organs and tissues similar to aging / elderly humans. It is well known that older animals have a higher incidence of such conditions as major organ failure, benign and malignant tumors, arthritis, and loss of hearing and vision as well as dental disease. What is important to know as a pet owner that many of the chronic disorders and disease processes seen in older pets can be medically controlled, and in some cases resolved, if they are detected early enough.

It is important that we shift the way we think from treating sick animals to early detection of disease. This improves the chances that older pets will live longer, happier, and better quality lives. Our goal is to work with you to help your pets live as long and as comfortable as possible by offering the best in medical surveillance and preventative care.

Give Your Pets the Care They Deserve

Certain breeds “age” faster than others. It has been long known that smaller breeds live longer than giant breeds. For practical purposes, we will consider dogs and cats over eight years old senior, and dogs (over 90lbs) senior at seven years.

The programs we have designed are aimed at early discovery and control of the risk factors of diseases and the early detection of sub-clinical diseases in aging pets. It begins with the pet entering its senior years and will be continued through ensuing years. The Senior Care Basic Program is the minimal baseline protocol for older pets. 

This program is for pets in the senior years that are considered “healthy” by you and the doctor. This includes a detailed history, including diet, behavior, and medical history, a thorough physical exam, a group of tests that will include blood, urine, stool, and test on the eyes, EKG, and blood pressure.

The Senior Care Plus is the minimum for a pet that is experiencing signs and / or symptoms of a disorder, or dogs or cats that have breed-specific age related problems. The program includes the above, plus a chest X-ray and abdominal ultrasound. All program services will be provided at a discount.

A consultation with the doctor to discuss results and recommendations will follow. If abnormalities are identified on baseline testing, then additional tests might be necessary. You will also receive a written summary of results and recommendations.
We hope you agree that these programs provide a wonderful opportunity for us to truly provide the finest care available for older animals.

Canine Senior Basic Program

There is a $379 plan fee, which is 40% less than normal.


Canine Senior Plus Program

The plan fee is $699, which includes everything in the Canine Senior Basic Program, plus a chest X-ray and an abdominal ultrasound. (Over 40% less than normal fees)


Feline Senior Basic Program

There is a $329 fee, which is 45% less than normal


Feline Senior Plus Program

The plan fee is $659, which includes everything in the Feline Senior Basic Program, plus a chest X-ray and an abdominal ultrasound. (Over 40% less than normal fees).
Total Without Program = $1,137.

Again, we hope you agree that these programs provide a wonderful opportunity of the finest care available for your aging pets. Please feel free to ask the doctors or our staff any questions and schedule your pet for one of these programs.
Dr. Alison Rhein DVM
Dr. Suzanne Ravitz DVM
Dr. Lindsay Whisher DVM

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Aging Pets Need More Care and Attention

Bring your aging pets to us today to keep them healthy, happy, and active. Keep this comparative age chart in mind when caring for your cat or dog:


Our Preventive Care

At Dix Hills Animal Hospital, we strongly believe in preventative health care. The environmental dangers surrounding our pets pose many threats to our beloved pet’s health. When you visit us for your puppy’s wellness exam, expect our staff to take the time to discuss with you prevention philosophies and effective home care methods. This will allow you to manage your pet’s general hygiene and go over any concerns that you may have regarding your pet’s health. Our prevention philosophies also include custom vaccination protocols based on your pet’s age, size, breed, and risks. The doctors will work very closely with you to understand the environment of your pet and will then design a custom preventative schedule to best protect your beloved four-legged friend.
As we all know our pets can’t verbalize what might be ailing them. Our concept is Animal Wellness, a methodology that approaches our pets’ physiology from an early detection standpoint. Our hospital offers numerous wellness blood tests and senior packages tailored to various stages in your pet’s life. Dix Hills Animal Hospital believes that diligent health screening can prolong the life of your animal. We understand that veterinary bills can be intimidating or prohibitive in the decision process of how to monitor your pet’s health. With this in mind, we have developed wellness packages to hopefully accommodate your budget. Inexpensive junior blood-work allows us to gain a baseline view of your young pet’s general health and allows our doctors to see any underlying changes, or to compare their physiology as they age. At your pets seventh birthday they are considered to be a senior pet. Our wellness packages range from simple blood tests to increasingly more thorough examinations of organ function, cardiac health, and detect any neurological changes in your pet. Through these packages we can help your pets live comfortably through their senior years with vitality (see senior wellness packages).
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